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Shadow Magic Users




The Interlopers or Dark Interlopers were once a group of sorcerers who excelled in shadow magic. This shadow magic was sealed before Twilight Princess in the Fused Shadow. The Fused Shadow is a dark relic and was ultimately created in order to prevent the tribe from gaining dominance over the Sacred Realm.[1] Not much is known about the tribe itself other than the fact they sought the power of the Triforce, however, this is for unknown reasons. The dark sorcerers are early ancestors of what became to be known as the Twili. It is said they fought in a war between Hylians, implying they were Hylian, but the mere fact that they were called Interlopers raises doubt.[2]


The following events were explained to Link by the Light Spirit Lanayru, after he has restored the light to Lanayru Province.

During the ancient times of Hyrule, a dark tribe existed, they were named the Interlopers, hence their tendency to invade. This tribe excelled in shadow magic and intended to use the power of the Fused Shadow to seek domain over the Sacred Realm.[3] Fearing the worst, the Goddesses reached out to the Light Spirits of Hyrule.[4] The four Light Spirits then intervened and took the Fused Shadows and sealed them away.[5] Three of the fragments were sealed within temples across Hyrule while the other was sealed away with the Interlopers. With the power of the Fused Shadow gone from their grasp, the tribe was left powerless, thus they were banished to the Twilight Realm.

Over time, due to the appearance of the Sols, the Interlopers eventually evolved into the tribe known as the Twili. The once evil intentions of the tribe diminished as they became peaceful over time. This was because the tribe were isolated and came to know neither anger nor hatred.[6]




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