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Clear dark fog
Infuse the Master Sword with light

Sols are spherical light sources found within the Palace of Twilight in Twilight Princess. They are similar to the Twilight Realm’s sun [1][2] and are a source of light, life, and energy.[3] They power many pieces of Twili technology when placed inside certain pedestals and can banish darkness.

Once Link enters the Palace of Twilight, he finds that Zant locked away the Sols and that he needs to find the Sols and place them in the correct pedestals at the entrance to enter the main part of the castle. Both the east and west wing each contain a Sol, guarded by Zant's Hands. Link must grab them and escape while avoiding the hands, which will chase Link relentlessly to get them back. Once Link returns both Sols to the entrance, he can change the mutated Twili back into their original forms. Additionally, once placed in their pedestals, the Sols infuse Link's Master Sword with light, creating the light sword. This allows him to cut through the dark fog found in the Palace of Twilight.


  • Sol is the Latin word for sun.



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  2. "It's like the sun of your world, [Link]." — Midna, Twilight Princess.
  3. "The power of the Sol is the source of life in this world... It is pure power." — Midna, Twilight Princess.