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"Dark Interlopers" vs. "Interlopers" vs. "interlopers"

This group of people is never named in-game. They are simply referred to as "interlopers who excelled at magic". The word "dark" doesn't appear, except when describing their magic, so someone will have to fill me in on how it came to be part of their common fan name. While a capital I (Interlopers) is appropriate for the title (and other such occurrences), I think that when they're being described within the article the word should always be lower-case (interlopers) because that's exactly what they were. It's not the name of a tribe, it's just a term that describes that they were "trespassers" (with a slightly less negative connotation, I believe) in Hyrule. Locke 13:21, October 21, 2011 (CDT)