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Locke is a Zelda Dungeon Wiki administrator. I mostly concern myself with the wiki content infrastructure, such as [[Categories]] and [[Templates]], and I'm also responsible for converting resources such as [[Interviews]] from their old site pages to their new home on the wiki. I am also a Zelda Dungeon webmaster.

My name comes from John Locke the philosopher, via Ender's Game, not from a TV show or video game. If you wish to contact me, leave a message on my discussion page or PM me on the forums.


Right now my main project here at the wiki (and ZD in general) is to migrate resources from the site to the wiki, where they'll be more manageable.


Main article: Category:Interviews

I NEED YOUR HELP! While most of the interviews we had on the old interviews page have been transferred to the wiki, I did so by simply copy/pasting the code from the old page. These means they're all horribly formatted. These all need to be edited to match the formatting and style of completed interview pages (you can find examples on the category page). I'll be continuously working on this, but it will be great to get people to help lighten the load.


I've also taken to focus on how categories link up to construct an intuitive 'structure' to the articles. ...not much to say about that. Check out the category listings!


I try to make it easier for contributors to put together content by making useful, intuitive, and extensible templates. Some templates I've created or contributed to, or am working on:

  • {{Box}} — As an effort to standardize the appearance of side content, this meta-template is used by many other formatting templates.
  • {{Ambox}} — This meta-template is used as a standard for all article message boxes that appear at the tops of articles or sections.
  • {{Navbox}} — This meta-template is used for the footer navigation boxes.
  • {{MagicNavbox}} — I'm particularly proud of this version of Navbox, which in just one template (two if you count {{CD}}) automatically creates scores of footer navigations using just a few inputs.
  • {{Dump}} — In addition to bringing all the text dumps to the wiki, I created this template to retrieve individual quotes from said dumps so as to reduce copy errors and enforce validity.
  • {{Caption}} — Caption templates work with the Dump template to automatically retrieve Fi/Navi/etc. captions according to an article's title.
  • {{Ref}} and {{References}} — These templates replace the Cite extension's <ref> and <references /> tags to work around some bugs and to make the code easier to use.
  • {{T2D}} — One use of the alternative tab framework I created in order to support multiple tabsets jointly affecting one target.


These are pages into which I've put an exceptional amount of work, or which were initiated or mainly driven by me.

Game Stats

A vast majority of my playthroughs are 100%. I've never done a 3-heart challenge, but I may consider it at some point. Most of the games I have played only once, but a few I haven't kept track of. Rankings (i.e. my relative opinion) probably aren't accurate.

Rank Game Own Beat
14 LoZ Wii VC
100% (First Quest)
17 AoL Wii VC

10 LttP Wii VC 100%
9 LA 3DS VC 100%
6 OoT
OoT 3D
Wii VC
100% (reg); 100% (MQ)
7 MM N64 100%
12 OoS 3DS VC 100% (normal)
11 OoA GBC
1 WW
Wii U
~99% (except gallery)
13 FS 3DS (Anniv.) 100%
15 FSA GC 100%
8 MC 3DS VC ~99% (missed 1 kinstone)
5 TP Wii 100%
15 PH DS 100%
4 ST DS 100%
2 SS Wii 100% (reg); 100% (Hero Mode)
- BQ Wii U 200%
3 LBW 3DS (digital) 100%
- HW Wii U Playing*


  • Legend Mode: 100%
  • Adventure Mode: 100%
  • Master Quest: 100% Cia's Tale; 100% MQ map
  • Collectibles: Skulltulas done (120), Heart pieces/containers done, medals done
  • Warriors: only have a few 99's and full badge trees


        |-A-| |--B--| |-----C-----| |---D---|     v(TFH*)
Legend:  MC - FS/FSA - LttP/OoX/LA - LoZ/AoL - LBW - BotW/BotW2
History: SS  -  OoT  - Great Flood -  WW/PH  - ST
                /MM  -  TP

A: Era of the Sky Savior; Creation of the Sacred Sword
B: Era of War Over and Sealing Of the Sacred Realm
C: Era of Evil's Return (LT - A Hero Appeared; AT - Hyrule Flooded)
D: Reconstruction Era
*: TFH is a fictional story told around the time of LBW

This is the timeline that I created and supported pre-Historia, updated with recent games. It supports the three-way split after OoT, but instead of the cop-out "what-if", I use a retcon of sorts: LttP was the sequel to OoT until WW bumped it out of the way, then FSA replaced OoT as LttP's prequel. The stories along the vertical axis, i.e. in the same era but on different timelines, match up quite nicely. I believe my timeline is still relevant because the developers view the "official" timeline as an interpretation of what's known of the history and still up for debate:

Fujibayashi: Lately within the company, a term called ‘New Translation’ has cropped up. (laughs) Strictly speaking, we don’t change it, but rather new information and truths come to light.

Famitsu: I see, so the way to interpret the lore of Breath of the Wild is still up for academic debate. (laughs)

Fujibayashi: That’s why you should pay attention to future studies as well! Please look forward to it. (laughs)

A History in Quotes

This is an interesting idea I had a while ago. As I'm going through the HH and putting together the Timeline pages, I'll compile the quotes I come across here, with the intention of telling the complete Zelda story using nothing but quotes from the games (and maybe manuals, and maaaaybe developer quotes).

"Before time began, before spirits and life existed...
Three golden goddesses descended upon the chaos that was Hyrule...
Din, the goddess of power...
Nayru, the goddess of wisdom...
Farore, the goddess of courage...
With her strong flaming arms, she cultivated the land and created the red earth.
Poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world.
With her rich soul, produced all life forms who would uphold the law.
The three great goddesses, their labors completed, departed for the heavens.
And golden sacred triangles remained at the point where the goddesses left the world.
Since then, the sacred triangles have become the basis of our world's providence.
And, the resting place of the triangles has become the Sacred Realm.

"One dark, fateful day, the earth cracked wide and malevolent forces rushed forth from the fissure.
They mounted a brutal assault upon the surface people, driving the land into deep despair...
They burnt forests to ash, choked the land's sweet springs, and murdered without hesitation.
They did all this in their lust to take the ultimate power protected by Her Grace, the goddess.
The power she guarded was without equal.
Handed down by gods of old, this power gave its holder the means to make any desire a reality.
Such was the might of the ultimate power that the old ones placed it in the care of the goddess.
To prevent this great power from falling into the hands of the evil swarming the lands...
the goddess gathered the surviving humans on an outcropping of earth.
She sent it skyward, beyond the reach of the demonic hordes. Beyond even the clouds.
With the humans safe, the goddess joined forces with the land dwellers and fought the evil forces, sealing them away.
At last, peace was restored to the surface.

"The old gods created a supreme power that gave anyone who possessed it the ability to shape reality and fulfill any desire. They called it the Triforce. In his thirst to make the world his own, Demise readied a massive army of monsters for war. He sought to take the Triforce for himself by force. The goddess feared for her people. She used her power to send both them and the Triforce into the sky on a slice of earth she cut away from the land. This floating rock became the new home of our people. In time, it came to be known as Skyloft.
After a long and fierce battle, the goddess, Hylia, succeeded in sealing away Demise.

However, soon after the demon king was imprisoned, it became clear that the seal would not hold long against his fearsome power. Hylia had suffered grave injuries in her battle with the demon king. She knew that if he broke free again, there would be no stopping him.
And if the demon king were to free himself, it would mean the end of the world for all beings of this land.

In order to put an end to the demon king, Hylia devised two separate plans and set them both into motion.
First, she created Fi. She made the spirit that resides in your sword to serve a single purpose: to assist her chosen hero on his mission. Her second plan...was to abandon her divine form and transfer her soul to the body of a mortal.
...She made this sacrifice, as you have likely guessed, so that the supreme power created by the old gods could one day be used. For while the supreme power of the Triforce was created by gods, all of its power can never be wielded by one.

Knowing this power was her last and only hope, the goddess gave up her divine powers and her immortal form."