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References are used to support claims with sources of information. This template is placed after facts and organizes the source information to be displayed at the bottom of the article.


{{Ref| name= | source | quote | speaker }}

  • name — If the reference is used more than once, give the first instance a name. Further instances need only provide this name and not repeat the associated information. (Optional.)
  • source — A link to where the information can be found. If a game abbreviation is provided, Ref will automatically link to that game's text dump.
  • quote — A brief quotation from the source. If a game abbreviation was provided for source, then this parameter is the quote ID or IDs found in that game's text dump. (Optional.)
  • speaker — The speaker of the given quote, or who is otherwise cited as the source of the information. Link it to its article if it has one. (Optional.)

Articles that use this template should include {{References}} at the bottom.

For more information on using references, see Help:References.