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Ambox is a meta-template used to create different types of amboxes. Amboxes are used to describe issues or information about articles. They can be placed at the top of an article to describe the entire article, or smaller versions can be used within sections. According to the formatting guide, amboxes are the second things to appear in an article or section, just below {{Hatnotes}}.


| type = 
| image = 
| text = 

  • type — Which category the ambox falls under. The available types are listed below.
  • image — An image to override the default image for that type. (Optional. Default: depends on type)
  • text — The contents of the message.

For use in a section rather than at the top of an article, pass "section" as an anonymous parameter. This will remove the image and make the ambox narrower, like so:

This is a small ambox. It is used within sections, rather than at the top of an article.

Ambox Types


type=delete, used for articles being considered for deletion.
type=content, used for articles or sections with content problems.
type=style, used for articles or sections with style problems.
type=move, used for articles being considered for moves, merges, etc.


type=notice, used to display information about the article or section.
type=protection, used to display protection information.

Common Amboxes

These are some commonly used amboxes which use this meta-template. For a full up-to-date list of available amboxes, see [[Ambox Templates]].

Maintenance Information
delete content style move notice protection
{{Delete}} {{Stub}}


{{Perspective}} {{Merge}} {{Spoiler}}