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size=40x40px This template is used on over 2500 pages. Take extra care when making changes, testing them in a sandbox first. If changes to this template require changes to pages that use it, you are responsible for making those changes.
Default light box with a title.
Dark box floated right.


This template creates a standard box, into which content or other templates can be placed. It currently supports two types: light and dark. Light boxes are usually utilized by other templates to set aside supplemental information, while dark boxes usually contain metadata for which an {{Ambox}} may not be appropriate.

Known Implementers

This list may not be kept up-to-date. For a more accurate list, see [[Box Templates]].


{{Box| dark? | align | width= | title= | edit= | hide= | contents }}

  • dark? — Boxes are light by default. For a dark box, use the argument "dark". (Optional. Default: light)
  • align — "left", "right", or "center". Left and right float the box so other content wraps around it. (Optional.)
  • width — Width of the box, including units (such as "px", "em", "%"). (Optional.)
  • title — Title to be placed on the top of the box. (Optional.)
  • edit — This places an [edit] link on the left side of the title if present. Use this parameter to define the name of the page that would be edited when the link is clicked. Keep in mind that {{PAGENAME}} resolves to the name of the page the template is transcluded on, not the template itself. (Optional.)
  • hide — This places a [hide] link on the right side of the title if present. Pass "hide" to make the contents (except the title) hidden by default, or "show" to make them visible by default. (Optional.)
  • contents — Everything that goes inside the box. (Optional.)

There are also class and style parameters.

For contents that would be inconvenient to pass as an argument to a template due to high use of equal signs or pipe characters, such as tables, the contents can instead be included immediately after this template declaration and followed by {{Box/Bottom}}. e.g.:

{| class="wikitable"
| table