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Use this template to retrieve a specific quote from a text dump. These are frequently used for references by the {{Ref}} template and in captions by various [[Caption Templates]].


{{Dump| dump | quote }}

  • dump — A game abbreviation serving as a keyword to select from which dump to pull the quote.
  • quote — The quote's ID which can be found on the dump page.
  • ldelim — If "ldelim=<br/>" is provided, newlines will be preserved as they appear in the game. Otherwise the text will appear on one line. (Optional. Default: [space])
  • qdelim — For multiple quotes, a delimiter can be passed to this named parameter. (Optional. Default: [space])

To find the quote ID, find the desired quote in the text dump (see [[Text Dumps]]) and hover over the tooltip (?) at the beginning of the quote.

Several quotes can be retrieved at once by passing in one or more ranges separated by backslashes (\). For example, {{Dump| SS | 6552-6554\6556 }}