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Eldin is one of the four Light Spirits in Twilight Princess. It is likely that Eldin is named after Din, the Goddess of Power. Eldin is one of the four Light Spirits found throughout Hyrule.[1] He takes on the form of what appears to be a bird. Just like the other three Light Spirits, the region he resides in is named after him. Eldin is one of the Light Spirits who sealed away the Dark Interlopers, during their invasion of the Sacred Realm.


After Link collects the sixteen Tears of Light located within Kakariko Village and on the trail leading up to Death Mountain, Eldin reveals his true form. He then goes onto tell Link that the dark power he seeks, the Fused Shadow can be found on Death Mountain.[2] But before Link can go off to retrieve the next piece, Eldin assigns him the task of ridding the evil that lies deep within the Goron Mines.[3][4] After conquering the second dungeon of the game Faron informs Link of the friend he seeks lies in Lanayru Province, to the north.

During the final events of the game Eldin and the other three Light Spirits will aid Princess Zelda in her hour of need, they gift Zelda with Light Arrows. After the defeat of Ganondorf, the four Light Spirits including Eldin will restore Midna to her true form.

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