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Dangoro is the Mini-Boss of the Goron Mines in Twilight Princess. He is a Goron, and is the guardian of the Hero's Bow.

He looks similar to an average Goron, but larger and more muscular, and with a much rounder face. He also wears armor on his arms, back, and head. When Link first encounters him, he assumes that Link is an intruder and prepares to fight him. After being defeated, he realized that Link was sent to the mines and grants him access to the chamber in which the Hero's Bow is held.


During the initial stages of the battle, Link must proceed to attack Dangoro. The giant Goron's main form of attack, at this stage, is to use his charged punch. However, since Dangoro takes a brief period of time to wind up his punch, this leaves him vulnerable for attack. Link must strategically wait for Dangoro to charge his attack and then quickly strike his abdominal region. After dealing a sufficient amount of damage, Dangoro opts for a different offensive strategy. This time he uses a roll attack, a common form of movement among the race. Link must equip his Iron Boots to withstand Dangoro's brute force. Link can then hurl him off the edge of the platform and into the lava below. After being exposed to a large amount of boiling lava, the armored Goron accepts defeat and lets Link proceed through the dungeon.


Once Link has defeated Dangoro, he emerges from the lava and realizes that Link is destined to wield the legendary weapon of the Gorons in the far room. After Link enters the room, he proceeds to open the chest, and obtains the Hero's Bow, which proves pivotal in advancing through the remainder of the dungeon.