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Coro (brother)
Hena (sister)

Iza is a character from Twilight Princess. She appears in Upper Zora's River where she runs the Boat Rental Cabin. Much like her brother, Coro, Iza is not afraid of Wolf Link when he approaches.

After Link has restored light to the Lanayru Province, he can speak with Iza, but she informs him that the shop is closed. After defeating the Shadow Beasts in the area, she will be impressed and asks Link to come inside her cabin. Iza runs the Boat Rental Shop, but she is having trouble due to a rockfall that caused boulders to fall down, which dammed the river up.[1] After Link agrees to aid Iza, she will tell Link to combine his Bombs and Arrows to form Bomb Arrows and break the nearby boulders. Iza tells Link that her assistant has informed her that there are more boulders blocking the path.[2] Iza will give Link a boat, allowing him to row down the river.[3]

After Link clears the river of boulders, Iza's Assistant will reward Link with a Bomb Bag. When Link returns to the Boat Rental Cabin, Iza will now have fully opened her mini-game, Iza's Rapid Ride. Link can play the mini-game, which has him use a canoe to row down the river, using Bomb Arrows to shoot red and yellow pots. If Link plays the game and successfully scores at least 25 points, Iza's Assistant will reward Link with a Giant Bomb Bag. Link can play the game again, and with subsequent victories, he will be awarded a Purple Rupee.


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