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Rupees are the main unit of currency in The Legend of Zelda universe. They are used in Hyrule, Koholint Island, Termina, Labrynna, Holodrum, the Great Sea, the World of the Ocean King, New Hyrule, Skyloft, Lorule, and Hytopia.

Locations and Uses

Rupees can be found virtually anywhere. They are most commonly found in treasure chests and by breaking pots, cutting grass, or defeating enemies. They are sometimes given by people for helping them out. They can be used to buy items, foods and other goods in shops and other places.

Due to their use by Great Fairies in some of the games (like Breath of the Wild), it is assumed that Rupees may have magical properties aside from their monetary use, though these are seldom explored in said games. Despite their monetary use, Rupees are not minted coins, but rather, gems.


With the exceptions of The Adventure of Link and Four Swords Adventures, Rupees appear in every Zelda game to date. Rupees' values are generally denoted by their color, but also can vary by size as well.

Game Rupee Value
Green Blue Red Purple Orange Silver Gold Other
The Legend of Zelda 5 1
A Link to the Past 1 5 20
Link's Awakening 5<ref group="Note" name="LADX">Only found in the Color Dungeon.</ref> 1 30
BS The Legend of Zelda 5 1
Ocarina of Time 1 5 20 50 5<ref group="Note" name="OOTSilver">Found in certain rooms for puzzles.</ref> 200
Majora's Mask 1 5 20 50 200 100
Oracle Series 1, 5, 10, or 20
1 (small)
20 or 30
5 (small)
100 (big)
10 (small)
200 (big)
1, 5, or 20
Four Swords 1
50 (big)
100 (big)
200 (big)
Rupoor (black)<ref group="Note" name="4SRupoor">Removes a random amount of Rupees from the team's wallet.</ref>
Rupee Shards<ref group="Note" name="4SShard">Worthless by themselves; four Rupee Shards make a gem worth 500 Rupees.</ref>
The Wind Waker 1 5 20 50 100 200 Yellow Rupee — 10 Rupees
The Minish Cap 1
50 (big)
100 (big)
200 (big)
Twilight Princess 1 5 20 50 100 200 Yellow Rupee — 10 Rupees
Phantom Hourglass 1
100 (big)
5 20
200 (big)
300 (big) Small Rupoor — -10 Rupees
Big Rupoor — -50 Rupees
Spirit Tracks 1
100 (big)
5 20
200 (big)
300 (big)
Skyward Sword 1 5 20 100 300 Rupoor — -10 Rupees
A Link Between Worlds 1 5 20 50 100 300
Breath of the Wild<ref group="Note" name="Limitless">No in-game limits to the amount of Rupees Link can gain</ref> 1 5 20 50 100 300

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  • Rupees are the currency in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Maldives.
  • In the original The Legend of Zelda, 'Rupee' was spelled Rupy and Rupies for plural.[1][2]
  • It has been mentioned by fans that in some of the game installments, due to their vague economic and monetary definition, and mainly their magical inflation (as they literally sprout out of the ground), Rupees are not a sustainable form of currency.



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