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Ooccoo Jr. (son)

Ooccoo is a character from Twilight Princess. She can be found in most dungeons.[1][2][3] She can warp Link out of any dungeon with the assistance of her son, Ooccoo Jr. She is a notable member of the race known as the Oocca, who reside in the City in the Sky.

Ooccoo somehow left the City in the Sky by means unknown, and ended up lost and confused in Hyrule. In the Temple of Time, Ooccoo wanders around looking for a way home. After Link finds and retrieves the Dominion Rod, he will have to search all across Hyrule for Sky Characters that will help him rebuild the Sky Cannon. Once built, Link, Ooccoo, and Ooccoo Jr. fly straight towards City in the Sky.


  • "00CC00" is a code for a shade of green and is rumored to be the same green as Link's tunic in the original The Legend of Zelda. However, "00CC00" is a darker shade. Ooccoo's name might be a reference to that misconception.
  • Ooccoo was originally going to look human.[citation needed]



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