Auru's Memo

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Auru's Memo
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Gaining access to the Oasis Flight


Auru's Memo is an item from Twilight Princess. Once Link has obtained the Master Sword from the Sacred Grove, he can head to Telma's Bar, located in Castle Town. Inside, Telma will introduce Link to her resistance group, while also mentioning that one is out exploring the desert. By looking at the map on the table, Link can see exactly where this guy is, and head out to Lake Hylia. Auru, the guy mentioned by Telma, can be found on top of the high tower in western (Wii) Lake Hylia. After Link has climbed up the long ladder that leads to the top, Auru will then ask Link if he wants to enter the Gerudo Desert, and if Link agrees, Auru will give him Auru's Memo, mentioning that with this Link can use Fyer's cannon to reach the desert. Link will later show it to Fyer and he will let Link try the Oasis Flight, which launches Link right to the entrance of the desert.


  • While giving Link Auru's Memo, Auru mentions he once saved Fyer's life. However, details on this event are never given throughout the entire course of the game.