Vessel of Light

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This article is about the vessel in Twilight Princess. For the vessel in Skyward Sword, see Spirit Vessel.
Vessel of Light
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"You got the Vessel of Light! It's crucial to collecting the Tears of Light. If you fill it with Tears of Light, you will be able to cut through the twilight and return normal light to this place. To see these evils that hold the Tears of Light, use your [X] senses."

— In-game description

The Vessel of Light is an item that appears in Twilight Princess. This item can only be obtained once Link enters Twilight in one of the three provinces; Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru. Its sole purpose is to store 16 Tears of Light, or 12 in the HD version. However, the Tears of Light that Link must collect have been stolen by Shadow Insects. Link must defeat the Twilight-infested insects in order to obtain each tear. After filling up the Vessel of Light, Link must return them to each realm's respective Light Spirits in order to rid the province of the Twilight that occupies it.