King Zora (Twilight Princess)

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King Zora
Concept artwork of King Zora from Hyrule Historia





King of the Zora Race




King Zora is a character that is mentioned, but does not appear in Twilight Princess. He has died prior to the events of the story, and his grave is marked within the hidden area of the Kakariko Graveyard.

After Link escorts Prince Ralis to Kakariko Village, the ghost of Queen Rutela appears just outside of the Sanctuary and leads Link to the Graveyard. She will make a stone disappear, allowing Link to crawl into the hidden grave in the back of the Graveyard. Queen Rutela is grateful that you aided her son and brought him to Kakariko Village, as the village is sacred place for the Zora.[1][2] Rutela mentions that King Zora rests his spirit here.[3] Queen Rutela grants Link the Zora Armor, a special garment that King Zora created during his lifetime, designed for the chosen hero.[4] When wearing the Zora Tunic, Link will gain the abilities of a Zora, including being able to breath underwater.

Queen Rutela will then join King Zora in his eternal slumber.[5] She does tell Link to pass along information to her son of her passing, and that Prince Ralis is to become the next King of the Zora.[6]



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