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Iza's Assistant





Assistant at Iza's Rapid Ride



Iza's Assistant is a character found within Twilight Princess. Iza's Assistant is a member of the Zora race and helps Iza with Iza's Rapid Ride.

Iza runs the Boat Rental Shop, but she is having trouble due to a rockfall that caused boulders to fall down, which dammed the river up.[1][2][3] After Link agrees to aid Iza, she will tell Link to combine his Bombs and Arrows to form Bomb Arrows and break the nearby boulders. Iza tells Link that her assistant has informed her that there are more boulders blocking the path.[4] Iza will give Link a boat, allowing him to row down the river.[5]

After rowing downstream, Link will come to another set of boulders that are blocking the way, and here he will meet with Iza's Assistant. She asks Link to shoot the boulders with some bomb arrows to clear the path.[6][7][8][9] After doing so, she will Link down the rest of the stream and if Link follows her, she will drop some green and blue rupees along the way.

When Link reaches Lake Hylia, Iza's Assistant will give Link a Bomb Bag. She will then take the boat back upstream to Iza.

When Link returns to the Boat Rental Cabin, he can speak with Iza and partake in a mini-game known as Iza's Rapid Ride. Link will row down the stream on a canoe and will need to shoot yellow and red pots with Bomb Arrows. Iza's Assistant will swim out ahead of Link and if Link successfully scores at least 25 points, Iza's Assistant will award him with a Giant Bomb Bag. She'll then take the boat and swim back upstream yet again.



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