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Rusl (Father)
Uli (Mother)
Rusl and Uli's Daughter (Sister)

Colin is one of the children of Ordon Village and the son of Rusl and Uli. Colin is a timid child that is somewhere between 7 and 10 years of age. Colin is much more laid back than the rest of the children of the village and is very reluctant to take part in any of their more dangerous adventures. He is often teased by the other kids in the village because of his timid nature. He views Link and Ilia as great role models and even says that he would like to be like Link when he grows up.

Early in the game, Colin makes the Fishing Rod, which his mother ends up giving to Link. Soon after, Colin and Ilia are both kidnapped by King Bulblin and taken away. Link later finds Colin in Kakariko Village where he is being taken care of by Renado. Colin lives up to his heroic role model when he saves Beth from the path of King Bulblin. In this scene, Colin tells Link that he now knows what his father Rusl meant by true strength, in this case courage. Colin is captured by King Bulblin but is later saved by Link after an epic battle in Hyrule Field and on the Bridge of Eldin. For the remainder of the game, Colin can be found within Kakariko Village resting his wounds.