Iza's Rapid Ride

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Iza's Rapid Ride






20 Rupees


Collect points by hitting the points scattered across Zora's River


Iza's Rapid Ride is a Mini-Game found in Twilight Princess. It is basically a ride down Zora's River in a canoe, where Link must shoot Bomb Arrows at pots (or debris if it is Link's first time) in order to collect points.


Shoot Bomb Arrows at the Red and Yellow pots for 2 and 1 point, respectively. Striking the sides of the course with the boat will result in losing 1 point.


  • Bomb Bag: Obtained after clearing all of the debris from the ride.
  • Giant Bomb Bag: Obtained after getting 25 points in the mini-game.


The steering for the boat takes practice to perfect, so the game must be played multiple times in order to master it. It is a good idea to generally steer the boat in the middle of the river, keeping an eye on the sides of the course. Aim for all 5 red pots, because hitting them grants twice as many points as yellow pots. Furthermore, the pots are gigantic and far away so aim high. The arrow will arch and hit nothing if it is not aimed high enough. Do not waste ammo. Link is only given 30 chances to hit the pots, so don't spend more than two arrows on a pot.