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Smash for collectibles
Holding down floor buttons



Skulls are objects found in various dungeons, and function similarly to Jars. They can be smashed, producing recovery hearts, rupees, or various collectibles, depending on the game. Skulls can also hold down buttons in some games. In A Link Between Worlds, skulls come in two colors: beige and purple. Breaking a purple skull produces an Energy Potion.

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, Skulls often have collectible items underneath them. However, some skulls will animate when Link draws near, hovering above and launching themselves at Link.

When fighting a Blue Stalfos in the Fortress of Winds, there are some skulls throughout the room. If Link uses a Gust Jar, he can pull the skull off the Stalfos. The Stalfos will walk around the room without a head. If it walks by a Skull on the ground, it will lift it up and place it on its head.