Zant's Hand

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Zant's Hand
Screenshot of Zant's Hand




Zant's Hand appears in the Twilight Realm in Twilight Princess. Link only encounters two in the game. As its name suggests, it is an enemy in the shape of Zant's hand; the third and fourth finger are shorter than humans' hands. They try to take a Sol away from Link whenever he tries to take one. Although Zant's Hands cannot be killed, they can be slowed down and even stunned by the Hero's Bow. They attack by hovering over Link, and slamming down on top of him. If they catch Link they will take the Sol away from him and try to replace the Sol in its pedestal. Link will have to make it drop the Sol before it reaches the door, or it will be found back in the room in which Link fought Phantom Zant. An effective way to make it drop the Sol is to hit it with the Clawshot.

A Zant's Hand emerges from a wall

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