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The Sandship is the fifth dungeon in Skyward Sword. It is found in the Lanayru Sand Sea. Its cloaking device must be disabled with the Cannon before Link can enter it.


The Sandship is a massive hybrid wind-and-engine powered ship which travels the past Lanayru Sand Sea. For security, the ship is equipped with a cloaking device that can turn it invisible. Much like the Lanayru Mining Facility, the Sandship changes appearance when Timeshift Stones are struck. The mini-boss chamber is unusual in that the arena is the long, narrow prow of the Sandship. The boss chamber is also unusual in that the battle does not take place within the chamber; rather, the battle occurs on the deck of the ship.


Unlike the Lanayru Mining Facility, the Sandship contains only a single Timeshift Stone, which affects the entire ship and the surrounding sea. The mini-boss, Scervo, is battled on the ship's prow. Scervo guards the Bow, which is obtained notably late in the game. The Squid Carving, the Boss Key for the dungeon, is found in the captain's cabin; the key opens the engine room. The boss, the Abyssal Leviathan Tentalus, is possibly the first boss in the series not fought or even met behind the door opened with the Boss Key. Rather, Tentalus begins attacking the ship once Link enters the engine room, before the boss is fought on the ruined deck of the Sandship.