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Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
Fire Dragon's Hall





The Fire Dragon's Hall is a small room located deep in the sweltering depths of the Volcano Summit in the Eldin Province from Skyward Sword, beyond the reach of monster and man.[1] Being in charge of protecting the Eldin Province by Hylia,[2] Eldin the Dragon resides in Fire Dragon's Hall, hence the naming of the hall. It is the hottest location in the volcano, containing a drawbridge seen earlier in the Earth Temple.[3]

In order to find the Triforce, Link comes to the province to learn another part of the Song of the Hero from the dragon, Eldin.[4] Caught in the eruption of the volcano, Link is captured by Bokoblins,[5] who steal Link's items.[6] With the help of Plats the Mogma, Link is able to reacquire some of his items. After he has recovered the Master Sword from the Bokoblin Base, Fi detects a strong source of power coming from the hall, having a 60% chance that the dragon resides there.[7] Obtaining the rest of his items, Link heads towards the Fire Dragon's Hall like Fi suggested. Using the Beetle to bring down the drawbridge, Link sees nothing at first, but the dragon comes out of the magma, shocking Link. Eldin is astonished to see that a man of flesh and blood is in his hall.[8] Noticing the marking on Link's hand, the Fire Dragon knows he is the chosen hero of the goddess, teaching his part of the Song of the Hero he has guarded all this time for Hylia.[9]

After Link has learned the Fire Dragon's song, Eldin apologizes for the earlier eruption of the volcano that Link was caught in since it was caused by an explosion of his power, also noting the sky above the province should be clear soon.[10] If Link comes back to Fire Dragon's Hall, he can ask the Fire Dragon about the two other dragons, the Water Dragon and the Thunder Dragon, or about the volcano itself.[11]


  • In the inner chamber of the Fire Dragon's Hall, there is an unreachable area behind one of the golden walls which includes a treasure chest with a duplicate Goddess's Harp.



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