Lanayru Mining Facility

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This is Lanayru Mining Facility.
In ancient times, this was a hub
of highly advanced technology.

The ancient machinery is now broken
and rusted. The switch that operates
these machines is buried under sand.

In the present time, some objects are
no longer functional due to extreme
age, but they can be returned to an
active state when time is shifted back.
I calculate an 85% chance the path
ahead will open if you continue within
the confines of the time-shifted area.

The Lanayru Mining Facility is the third Dungeon in Skyward Sword. The dungeon is based around a sand/time theme, as well as an underlying high-tech theme. The Timeshift Stones found outside are central to this dungeon. The dungeon is based around only a few rooms, with the boss door located only a few rooms away from the entrance. The dungeon item, the Gust Bellows, can be used to clear sand from an area and turn propellers. In general, the Timeshift Stones of this temple affect only a single room, with the time distortion ending at the door, but the later areas of the dungeon have unrefined Timeshift Stones in mine carts, their effect is limited to a small sphere of space. The dungeon also features conveyor belts that are active only in the past; they impede Link's movement in one direction, but speed it up in the other. The facility is linked via underground rail to the Temple of Time and possibly other locations within the Lanayru area, as underneath the sand in the boss chamber, there is a turntable for railroad cars, with closed tunnels branching outwards.