Isle of Songs

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The Isle of Songs is an island of The Sky inside the Thunderhead. In Skyward Sword, Link visits the island three times during his quest. There are also two Goddess Chests on the island: one on top of the great tower, and another on the ledge surrounding it. One has a Gold Rupee, and the other holds a Small Bomb Bag.


Link can find the Isle of Songs only after playing the Ballad of the Goddess on top of the Light Tower. After entering the Thunderhead, Link can then land in the courtyard of the Isle of Songs. In order to enter the great tower of the island, Link needs to complete a puzzle to restore the bridge to the other half of the island, which is broken up into three pieces. Each piece can be moved by pushing a smaller wall connected to the bridge, and barriers can be raised by activating a switch.

Link can then enter the great tower through a small passageway that is only large enough for him to crawl through.


Isle of Songs 1.jpg

Each time that Link must visit the Isle of Songs in Skyward Sword, he learns a new song on the harp that can unlock a gate to the Silent Realm. There are three songs to learn:

Each time Link enters the island to learn a song, he must raise a Goddess Statue by hitting the crest at the end of the hallway with a Skyward Strike. The statue will sing the melody of the song while Fi relates a message from the gods. Link will then take out the harp and play the song.