Small Bomb Bag

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Small Bomb Bag




150 Rupees


Allowing Link to hold Extra Bombs


In Skyward Sword, there is an item called the Small Bomb Bag. It is basically an add-on to Link's primary Bomb Bag. The Small Bomb Bag allows Link to carry five additional Bombs in his Adventure Pouch. It can be purchased from the Gear Shop that is in the Bazaar for 150 Rupees.


The Small Bomb Bag can be upgraded twice in the game, both times allowing it to carry an additional five Bombs to the previous total.

Medium Bomb Bag

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The first upgrade to the Small Bomb Bag is the Medium Bomb Bag, which holds five more Bombs than the Small Bomb Bag, and ten in total. This upgrade requires 3 Ornamental Skulls, 1 Blue Bird Feather, and 1 Lizard Tail. The cost is 50 Rupees. The upgrade can be preformed by Gondo, the man from the Scrap Shop.

Large Bomb Bag

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From there, the Medium Bomb Bag can be upgraded into the Large Bomb Bag, which can hold 15 Bombs combined with the total that Link's main Bomb Bag can hold. This upgrade requires 4 Jelly Blobs, 3 Lizard Tails, 2 Hornet Larvae, and 1 Golden Skull, and the cost is 100 Rupees. This upgrade can also be performed by Gondo; the Scrap Shop owner.