Earth Temple (Skyward Sword)

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This is the Earth Temple. Signs
indicate it was built here because of
the subterranean caverns below.

Just as at Skyview Temple, many
defensive mechanisms were built here
to discourage would-be intruders.

When you are unable to progress, I
recommend you press [C] to look
and check your surroundings
for anything you may have missed.
You also have the option to press [B]
and explore using your Beetle.

The Earth Temple is the second Dungeon found in Skyward Sword, located within the upper reaches of Eldin Volcano. The whole location, rather than being based around darkness and ghosts, as in The Wind Waker, is full of fire and liquid magma. The temple has a dragon/snake theme, and many of the puzzles involve rolling around in the lava atop a stone ball, which was the eye of a huge statue. The dungeon item is a Bomb Bag which was once owned by one of the Mogmas. Several puzzles involve using the Beetle to open gateways deeper into the dungeon, in addition to several typical Bomb puzzles. The final room of the dungeon has Link dash up several steep inclines while dodging rolling boulders. In order to obtain access to the boss room, Link first needs to obtain the Boss Key at the far south of the room before dashing away from a huge rolling boulder.



Main article: Scaldera

Pyroclastic Fiend Scaldera is the boss of the Earth Temple. When Link obtains the boss key, a large boulder appears and chases him down a hill toward the boss room. It is then consumed by a statue above the boss's door. Upon entering the boss room, Link discovers that this boulder was actually the boss, Scaldera. Scaldera can be defeated by throwing bombs into his mouth when he breathes in and then striking his eye.