Magma Spume

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Magma Spume

Target lock: Magma Spume

This odd creature is quite at home in
magma. It stores and processes gas
produced by the magma into a flaming
projectile that it then spits out.
Cowardly by nature, it sits with its eyes
just out of the lava in order to detect
any danger and flee if necessary.

Magma Spume is an enemy that appears in Skyward Sword. They are found exclusively in the Earth Temple. It is one of the three variations of the Spume family, along with the Cursed Spume and Electro Spume. They sit with their eyes sticking out of the lava to detect any danger nearby. As they are cowardly by nature, the Magma Spume flees if Link comes close to it. The Magma Spume spits out flaming projectiles at Link, which Link cannot deflect with the Sword or Shield; instead, he can only defeat it by using projectile weapons such as Arrows or performing the Skyward Strike at it two times. One strike with the Sword also takes the Magma Spume down, though it is very rare Link can do that. Another simple way to defeat it is to just use the rolling stone balls inside the dungeon to crush it.