Rickety Coaster

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Rickety Coaster
Rickety Coaster from distance - Skyward Sword Wii.png





20 Rupees


Reach the end of the track as soon as possible


The Rickety Coaster is a mini-game located in the Shipyard in Skyward Sword. It is run by the Goron Gortram. Access to the Rickety Coaster is unlocked after defeating Tentalus in the Sandship. Playing the mini-game sets Link back 20 rupees.[1] The goal of the mini-game is to complete a course in a mine cart as quickly as possible, without falling off the track. The mine cart is steered by tilting the Wiimote from side to side, which (if done correctly) will increase Link's speed and prevent him from careening off the track. Two difficulties are offered: "Scary!" and "Heart stopping!"

"Scary!" Challenge
Time Prize
Less than 30 seconds Silver Rupee (worth 100 rupees)
Between 30 and 35 seconds 50 rupees[2]
Between 35 and 40 seconds 20 rupees

If Link falls off the scary track or takes longer than 40 seconds to reach the finish, no prize is awarded.

"Heart Stopping!" Challenge
Time Prize
Less than 1:05 First: Piece of Heart[3] Subsequent: Golden Skull or Blue Bird Feather
Between 1:05 and 1:10 Monster Horn or Evil Crystal
Between 1:10 and 1:15 20 rupees

If Link falls off the heart stopping track or takes longer than 1:15 to reach the finish, no prize is awarded.



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