Earth Spring

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Earth Spring
Goddess Statue Earth Spring - Skyward Sword Wii.png
Goddess Statue in Earth Spring



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The Earth Spring is one of the two springs in Skyward Sword.[1] It is found at the end of the Earth Temple in the Eldin Province after Link defeats Scaldera.[2] Zelda first heads here to cleanse her body in the waters of the spring.[3][4] Link arrives just in time to see her depart with Impa.[5] Although Zelda wants to speak with him, Impa stops her and allows her to go ahead.[6] Impa then criticizes Link for failing his task to protect her, claiming that he must conquer the challenges given to him by the Goddess before he can help Zelda.[7][8][9]

Fi deciphers a message written in the language of the ancient gods that states that Zelda has headed to Lanayru Desert.[10][11] Link then receives the Amber Tablet, which he must take to Skyloft to create a path to the Lanayru Province.


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