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Great Tree



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The Great Tree is a location in Skyward Sword. It is found in the center of the Faron Woods.

After obtaining the Water Dragon's Scale, Link swims into an underwater cave in the woods, leading to Inside the Great Tree. From here, he exits at an upper point and scales the Great Tree from the outside. When Link reaches the top, he encounters Yerbal, a Kikwi hermit who helps Link to find a Sacred Flame. Later, on his search for the parts of the Song of the Hero, Link finds Faron Woods flooded, and returns to the Great Tree. At the top of its center, Link finds Faron, who has flooded the woods to stop the monsters. When Link asks for Faron's part of the Song of the Hero, she tells him to find her many Tadtones before she will tell to him. After he has done this, she drains the water from the forest and she leaves the tree.