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Pyroclastic Fiend


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1 Heart.png Contact
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Access to the Eldin Spring

Pyroclastic Fiend Scaldera is the Boss of the Earth Temple, the second Dungeon in Skyward Sword. It is very similar in size and shape to a Mini-Boss from Spirit Tracks, the Rocktite.

Upon Link's entrance to the boss chamber, Ghirahim welcomes him on a high balcony. He starts by acknowledging he does not know Link's name; which he says is irrelevant because he is mad and needs someone to use it one.[1] He then proceeds to tell Link the story of why he is here, which revolves around him learning his minions had captured the spirit maiden, and thus he rushed over, only to learn that Impa had freed her.[2][3][4] Finally, Ghirahim says he plans to introduce Link to a friend of his,[5] adding that this friend only requires a few moments to burn Link to a crisp.[6]

When the battle begins, Scaldera fires fireballs in different directions and Link needs to run up the slope while dodging the fireballs. Scaldera eventually chases after Link. Link needs to throw bombs into its mouth, which damages its exo-skeleton. This reveals an eye beneath, which must be attacked with the sword to eventually defeat it.

Boss Strategy


First Phase

Attacking Scaldera's eye

Immediately start running up the slope ― Link cannot do anything to Scaldera while it is on fire. A little ways up the ramp Scaldera should cool down, revealing its rocky carapace. If Link throws a bomb at it, the monster will roll down the slope. Follow it down and prepare another bomb. As it opens its mouth in preparation for a fireball attack, throw in a bomb and the explosion will chip away some of the carapace, revealing an eye. Slash at it with Link's sword until it re-ignites. Repeat this process until it sustains enough damage to change its strategy to the Second Phase.

If Link is not fast enough with the second bomb and it launches its fireball attack, dash back and forth to avoid them. If Link runs all the way to the top, he can hide on the far left or right side of the circular platform where neither the fireballs or Scaldera can reach. Link can also pick up some hearts and bombs here.

Second Phase

Scaldera's fireball attack

Scaldera raises its body high above the ground and rushes up the slope past Link. Once Scaldera reaches the top, it will roll down and try to crush Link. Stand on one side of the slope, then dash to the other side before it hits Link, and it will roll past him down to the bottom. Here, it prepares another fireball attack, so throw a bomb in its mouth and repeat the process from the First Phase. The eye moves around this time, which requires more precise aiming of the sword.



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