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Bilocyte is the infectious parasite from Skyward Sword that made its way into Levias.[1]


Instructor Owlan will state that Levias is not like himself, and that Link should go investigate.[2] After he makes an offering of Hot Pumpkin Soup, the large flying whale appears and is in great pain.[3] After Link defeats the eyeballs coming out of Levias' sides, he lands on top of the whale and is almost immediately confronted by Bilocyte. Its weakness is its eye, and after a few good sword slashes, it will be defeated. Levias will then return to normal, and the story will continue.


First Phase

Flying towards an eye
Attacking an eye

Jump off one of the nearby ledges and summon Link's Crimson Loftwing. Levias has four large tentacles coming out from its body, with each one having a large eye at the end. Fly over with the Loftwing and when close enough, perform a Spiral Charge to knock out the eye. Be wary of the other flying enemies in this area and if they come closer to you, perform a Spiral Charge to get rid of them as well.

There isn't much else to the Levias boss battle. Just keep battling and defeat all four of its eyes. Afterwards fly on over and jump off the Crimson Loftwing to land on its back. If you miss the landing, just summon your Loftwing once again. Once you land, the boss battle with Levias changes to a new boss battle with another creature.

Second Phase

Hitting a ball back at Bilocye
Attacking Bilocyte's eye

The battle with the Ocular Parasite Bilocyte will begin. This parasite will shoot out a green blob at you and you will have to swing your sword to knock this blob back at the parasite. Your first goal is to knock the wings off of Bilocyte. To hit the wing on the right, swing your sword from left to right so direct the green blob at that wing. To hit the wing on the left, swing your sword from right to left.

After knocking off its wings, Bilocyte will change its attack pattern. After shooting the blob at you, it will move its head to the left or right, and sometimes even staying right in the middle. You must deflect the green blob back at Bilocyte, depending on the direction at which it has moved its head. If it doesn't move its head at all, deliver a vertical sword slash to knock the blob right back at it. Each time you hit its eye, run on up and stab away with the master sword to harm it.

Bilocyte will get back up and it will grow out its wings once again. Hit the wings and hit Bilocyte with a number of its own green blobs. Keep at it and Bilocyte will be defeated.



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