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LD-002S Scervo




The Sandship



Target lock: LD-002S Scervo

This mutinous robot stole this ship
from Skipper long ago. He still
commands the ship today.

When fighting in a narrow space like
this, it is more effective to use thrust
attacks with your sword than to try to
swing your sword widely.

Scervo is the Mini-Boss of the Sandship dungeon in Skyward Sword, being the one who stole Skipper's ship long ago, this skeletal robot pirate is truly a force to be reckoned with. With an electrically charged saber and a pirate hook, Link must truly be careful when battling this robotic menace of the sand sea, as one false move could have him end up in shock.


Many years before the events of the game, Scervo and his terrible crew of pirates seized control of Skipper's ship, and soon afterwards locked the previous crew away within the ship somewhere. Even in the present when Link brings Skipper back to life through the use of the Timeshift Stone, the robot Captain continues to express his fear towards this dreadful Pirate; however he seems reassured that Link could do something about him as the two of them begin to search for his ship.


After venturing through the Sandship for awhile, Link soon found himself on a long gangplank outside where Scervo stood staring out at the sand sea, soon after being alerted of his presence, however, the Pirate let out a static roar of anger and began to charge the young hero. In response, Link too began to charge as the exit was blocked by a spiked gate now while behind Scervo was nothing but a treacherous fall into the sinksand below, this more or less had now became an extreme game of survival, only one of them was gonna make it out of this fight and it had to be Link. Using his saber in an attempt to thrust Link backward into the spiky gate that laid behind him, the young hero utilized his Shield Bashing skills to knock Scervo off his balance, however, after this the robotic pirate began to guard with his saber similar to the way the Stalfos in the game guarded with their own swords. Seeking out the opening Scervo left, Link quickly jabbed at him any chance he got and sent to pirate stumbling back a ways, however, the young hero may need to jump back a bit himself for Scervo will quickly swipe at him when pushed back a certain amount. Now using more dangerous attacks, Link must watch out for what Scervo does next, as if he isn't careful he may just find himself knocked back and render paralyzed for a brief moment. After some more carefully timed thrusts the young hero successfully managed to drive Scervo to the end of the plank. Here, the robotic pirate loses his sword as it falls overboard but managed to stay put himself, drawing another sword quickly afterwards. With the spiked gate behind Link now moved up a ways, the second phase of this battle began, this time around Scervo is noticeably more aggressive and Link must truly be cautious as he may just find himself getting knocked back much more if he pressed his luck. Link eventually managed to once again send the robotic pirate backwards to the end of the plank, but like before he just manages to stay aboard the ship, albeit the force of Link driving him back that time made him lose his other sword along with the arm that held it entirely. Armed with nothing but the hook on his left hand now, the spiked gate moved up even more and the third and final round begins as Scervo charges Link's way. This time around Scervo's defensive and offensive skills are noticeably lacking as he just has his hook which he used in an attempt to swipe and jab at the young hero, Link can easily shield bash these attacks however and possibly even send the robotic pirate hurdling back to the end in one go, as if Link mostly slashes him from the left hand side Scervo has little chance of being able to block it. After this final phase Link successfully managed to drive the pirate to the end of the plank a final time, his hook then explodes as well and in having no way to stay aboard the ship now, Scervo fell to his doom and blew up upon impact when he landed atop the sinksand below.