Crimson Loftwing

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Crimson Loftwing






The Crimson Loftwing is Link's feathery friend and mode of transportation in Skyward Sword. Link can leap off ledges and call his bird as he falls. Link's bird will swoop right underneath him giving Link a perfect landing spot. Link can use his bird to travel between the various islands in The Sky.

Link flying on his Crimson Loftwing across The Sky

Link's bird seems to have some sort of connection with Zelda's bird, as the two can be seen flying together even when Link and Zelda are not with each other. Link's bird can hold more than one passenger at a time, as Link and Zelda are both riding on the bird simultaneously at one point in the game.

Link's bird is a rare breed of Loftwing, being bright crimson in color.[1] Link, like all Skyloftian Loftwing riders, befriended his bird as a child or young adolescent. According to Gaepora, Link and his bird possess a bond like no other in Skyloft, as Link was able to fly with ease when he first met his Loftwing, which is something that even Zelda was jealous of.[2][3]

Link's Loftwing was stated to be a special bird by the developers, and it's unclear if this is the only trait that makes him special or if there is more to it.



  1. "Ahh, but that first meeting between [Link] and his Loftwing was extraordinary. The bird that came to him was a Crimson Loftwing. It is a breed so rare we were sure for some time that it had vanished from the line." — Gaepora, Skyward Sword.
  2. "Yes, and the boy and his bird seemed to share a profound connection from the moment they met. Do you recall when [Link] and that Loftwing of his first met? What a sight! The little boy just hopped up on that bird and gracefully flew away, without even a moment of instruction! They were meant for each other. And judging by how jealous you were that day, I'd say the friendship he shared with his bird didn't go unnoticed by you, my dear." — Gaepora, Skyward Sword.
  3. "Ah, but who can blame you? I'm sure you weren't the only one envious of the powerful bond shared by [Link] and his bird. Anyone who is a part of something special is bound to catch some nasty looks sooner or later, hoo hoo." — Gaepora, Skyward Sword.