Light Tower

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Light Tower

The Light Tower is located at the south end of Skyloft, found within The Plaza in Skyward Sword. After Link defeats The Imprisoned for the first time, he heads to Skyloft and asks Gaepora about the lyrics of the Ballad of the Goddess.[1] He reveals that there is a second verse to the song that mentions two sails.[2] Link realizes that this refers to the two windmills on either side of Skyloft, and he can use his Gust Bellows to turn them both toward the Light Tower after locating the missing propeller from one windmill on the Surface.[3]

Once both windmills face the tower, a platform rises out of its center. Link can then go to the platform and play Ballad of the Goddess on his harp while Fi sings. This creates a beam of light that leads into the Thunderhead, allowing Link to reach the Isle of Songs.


  1. "What? You want to know the lyrics to the song Zelda sang on the day of the Wing Ceremony? You know, I'm not much of a singer...
    Just lyrics! :Sing it!" — Gaepora, Skyward Sword.
  2. "Oh youth, guided by the servant of the goddess...unite earth and sky, and bring light to the land. That's the first part, but as I recall, there's a second verse to the song. Oh youth, show the two whirling sails the way to the Light Tower...and before you a path shall open, and a heavenly song you shall hear." — Gaepora, Skyward Sword.
  3. "Although a connection with the two sails is not 100% certain, it is clear that a propeller from a Skyloft windmill has fallen below the clouds. I recommend you look for a way to retrieve this propeller." — Fi, Skyward Sword.