Skipper's Retreat

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Skipper's Retreat

Skipper's Retreat is one of the islands in the Lanayru Sand Sea in Skyward Sword. Skipper's Retreat was the former home of Skipper, the Ancient Robot pirate who helps Link travel and find the Sandship to get the Sacred Flame. The island is actually a collection of tall rock structures, and Link must use his Whip and Clawshots on flying Peahats and targets to venture around it. When Link and Skipper arrive to the island, Skipper informs Link that there is a clue inside his house to where the Sandship is. Since Skipper cannot leave the past of the Timeshift Stone, Link travels to Skipper's house alone. Inside the house after countless years of no use, sand, dust, and Aracha have infested the home. Link must clear out the house using his Gust Bellows and his sword to find the hidden treasure chest that contains the Ancient Sea Chart, the map that helps the duo find where the mysterious Sandship is located.


Skipper's Retreat is one of the few places where the Sand Cicada can be found. These bugs are very skittish and are extremely hard to capture, fleeing into the air at the slightest bit of movement. There is also a single Goddess Cube on this island which activates the Goddess Chest that holds the Potion Medal.