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1-2 Heart.png Bite (every two seconds)


Beetle - 1 hit
Bomb - 1 hit
Slingshot - 1 hit
Sword - 1 hit





Target lock: Aracha

This larval monster is said to live for
1,000 years, during which time it is
continually growing.

Though the larva is small in size, it is
quite ferocious and is often found in
swarms beneath the sand.

It tends to leap toward moving objects
such as yourself.

Arachas are enemies from Skyward Sword. They resemble small scorpions with one eye that can be found in various areas around Lanayru Province. Their only attack is to jump on to Link. Shake both controllers to shake them off. One Aracha is not so bad, but packs of them can cause a real problem. When confronted by a pack, Link can use the Gust Bellows to stun them. Then, a hit with his sword will finish them off. They can be found crawling around, in piles of sand, or crawling on vines. According to Fi, Aracha can live for a thousand years and grow to immense sizes, implying that the boss of the Lanayru Mining Facility, Thousand-Year Arachnid Moldarach, is an overgrown Aracha, possibly the forbearer of the larvae in the rest of the dungeon.