Skyview Spring

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The Skyview Spring is a location featured in Skyward Sword. It is located behind the Boss room of the Skyview Temple, where Link fights Ghirahim. This is the first of two sacred springs found in the game; along with the Earth Spring.

First Visit

Link will first visit the spring directly after he has defeated Ghirahim. He comes here in search of Zelda, who is here cleansing her body. However, he was too late and Zelda was already gone. Here, he can obtain the Ruby Tablet by using a Skyward Strike on the Hylian Crest. There is also a Goddess Cube at the back of the spring.

Second Visit

The second visit comes while Link is searching for Sacred Water for Faron, the Water Dragon. He can find the Sacred Water to the left of the spring, where some Blessed Butterflies are flying around. He can capture it with a Bottle.

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