Bokoblin Base

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Bokoblin Base




All stolen items


The Bokoblin Base is a location in Skyward Sword. Like the Silent Realm Trials, it involves an extreme skill level in stealth in order to avoid the heavily guarded base.


When Link lands in Eldin Volcano to learn the Fire Dragon's part of the Song of the Hero an eruption takes place and Link is captured by Bokoblins. They confiscate all his weapons, but the Mogma Platts steals his Mogma Mitts back for him. Link escapes and gets his Gust Bellows, his Clawshots, his Slingshot, his Bomb Bag, and the True Master Sword back allowing him to reunite with Fi. He also gets his Adventure Pouch with the rest of his items. Link must sneak past a congregation of Bokoblins to get them.