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The Knight Academy is a location from Skyward Sword, situated in western Skyloft.[1] It is a boarding school where students are trained to become Knights of Skyloft. Gaepora, the father of Zelda, is the headmaster of the Academy. The Instructors who teach the students include Horwell and Owlan. To advance to the senior class and further toward becoming a Knight, a student must win the Wing Ceremony. The winning student must perform a ritual with the young woman playing the Goddess that year at the Statue of the Goddess. The winning student also receives a Knight's Uniform of a color that is different every year.

The Academy is a two-story building. The single classroom, the kitchen, and the restroom are all located on the first floor, among several rooms belonging to the students and faculty. On the second floor is the headmaster's office, the bathroom, and various other residential rooms. On the roof of the Academy is a ventilation shaft which can be accessed using the Clawshots. The bath can be seen through a mesh covering in the floor. The shaft narrows into a crawlspace that drops out into the room belonging to Zelda.

During the 25th anniversary of the Academy, at the start of the game, Link is enrolled there along with Cawlin, Fledge, Groose, Strich, and Zelda, as well as seniors Karane and Pipit.

Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

Link turns up victorious in the 25th Wing Ceremony, despite several sabotage attempts by fellow competitors Cawlin, Groose, and Strich, in which they captured and hid his Crimson Loftwing and later tried to stop him from initially grabbing the statuette that would win him the race. Link later performed the ritual with Zelda. After Zelda was captured, Link received his deserved green tunic.


  • To correspond with the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda franchise, Owlan will note before the Wing Ceremony that it is the Knight Academy's 25th anniversary since opening its doors.[2]
  • If Link uses his Double Clawshots during the night on the target that leads to an air duct of the Knight Academy, he can discreetly view Gaepora bathing himself.
  • If Link successfully makes his way inside of Zelda's room, he can open her closet to receive a Piece of Heart. Not only that, but he can also see a Tingle plush doll sitting promptly on her desk.



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