Ceremony of the Goddess

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Ceremony of the Goddess
Ceremony of the Goddess - Skyward Sword.jpg
Zelda presents Link with the Sailcloth during the Ceremony




Following the Wing Ceremony

Key Characters



The Ceremony of the Goddess is a ceremony that takes place in Skyward Sword.

In it, an individual playing the Goddess gives the champion of the Wing Ceremony a Sailcloth. The champion must then prove their courage by leaping from a tall structure, before opening the Sailcloth to arrest their fall only at the last moment. It is said to have been played out since ancient times.[1]


Skyward Sword

The ceremony seen in Skyward Sword takes place on the Statue of the Goddess, and together with the Wing Ceremony commemorates the twenty-fifth anniversary of the opening of the Knight Academy. Zelda takes the role of the Goddess, while Link is the champion being presented with a Sailcloth which Zelda made herself.

Following the Wing Ceremony, Link gives Zelda the Bird Statuette he obtained in the race. Zelda places it into a hole in the Statue of the Goddess and plays part of the Ballad of the Goddess.

"Great goddess, guiding light and protector of our people, grant us your blessing and mercy as I act in your stead during this ceremony.

Valiant youth who grasped victory at the celebration of the bird folk... In accordance with the old ways...

I now bestow the blessings of the goddess upon you.

The blessings of the goddess drift down from the heavens aloft a sail, which I now pass on to you."

— Zelda's ritual speech

She then gives Link the Sailcloth.

Afterwards, she shoves Link off the ledge over a large amount of stone carvings. Link must then land exactly inside the outermost circle. If Link fails, he must restart the jump, and this time, Zelda will not push Link, and Link must jump on his own.