Ceremony of the Goddess

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Ceremony of the Goddess




Following the Wing Ceremony

Key Characters


The Ceremony of the Goddess is a ceremony that takes place in Skyward Sword. Link obtains the Sailcloth from Zelda during the Ceremony of the Goddess.

Description of Animation

The wing ceremony is started off by an explanation of what Link, Groose and his two partners must do to obtain the bird statue which is attached to a bird. They must fly their birds and try to catch the bird with the statue, the winner shall get the sailcloth which Zelda made herself, who is playing the Goddess. Following the Wing Ceremony, Link gives Zelda the statue he obtained in the race. Zelda places it into a hole in the Statue of the Goddess and plays part of the Ballad of the Goddess. She then gives Link the Sailcloth. Afterwards, she shoves Link off the ledge over a large amount of stone carvings. Link must then land exactly inside the outermost circle. If Link fails, he must restart the jump, and this time, Zelda will not push Link, and Link must jump on his own.