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Knights are Skyloftians from Skyward Sword who are ordered to protect the citizens of Skyloft from any danger.


Skyward Sword

As the game begins, it is revealed that Link is enrolled in the Knight Academy; the local education facility where the students learn and train to become a knight. In order to do this, however, they must first complete the annual Wing Ceremony. A handful of underclassmen all compete and test their abilities to prove whether or not they are worthy enough to receive senior status. They must try to catch a Yellow Loftwing that is holding a statuette. If the student successfully catches the statuette, they are then promoted through a ceremony to Senior Class, one step away from Knighthood. If they prove themselves worthy and knowledgeable to become a knight, they will be honored and become one, but only after continuous and willful training.

Once a student becomes a knight, they are in charge of protecting Skyloft, and are usually seen flying above the city, ever vigilant. Their Loftwings also acquire a specially designed helmet to wear with a flashlight on it, and learns to fly better in the dark to help protect the citizens. If a member of the village falls off the side without their Loftwing or tries to fly at night (Loftwings have horrible night vision and can't fly in the dark), they will rescue the falling person and warn them to be more careful in the future.

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