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His name is Cawlin, and he is an
ambitious and self-centered classmate
of yours at the Knight Academy,
He is always looking to exploit a
situation for his own benefit. He is a
schemer, though he makes few overt

Cawlin is a young Skyloftian boy who attends the Knight Academy and is friends with Groose and Strich in Skyward Sword. He and Strich help Groose tease and bully Link early on in our hero's adventure.

Appearance and Personality

Cawlin is a short and plump young boy. He often wears a smug face and speaks with little manners. Cawlin is rather self-centered, only tackling a situation if it benefits himself in some way. Instead of leading, Cawlin chooses to follow and act as the first of Groose's two lackeys. Cawlin often follows Groose's example. Even though he shows little emotion, Cawlin later experiences love and, even later, depression.

Role in the Plot

At first, Cawlin is simply a flunky under Groose, meant to be a second or third opinion for his leader. Cawlin impedes Link during the Loftwing competition by first helping Groose and Stritch sabotage Link by capturing his bird and also impeding him by throwing eggs at him. After Zelda disappears and Link embarks on his adventure, Groose's gang is temporarily split up. Groose locks himself in his room and mourns (later falling to the surface world) and Stritch spends his time at the Lumpy Pumpkin and expands his bug collection, leaving Cawlin to mosey around the Knight Academy's hallways. Cawlin later falls in love with Karane, another student at the Knight Academy. Cawlin asks Link to deliver a love letter for him. If Link successfully completes the task, Cawlin later expresses his love openly to Karane, but is denied as Karane chooses Pipit instead. Cawlin experiences extreme depression after being rejected, locking himself in Groose's room (which Groose no longer occupies) and cries himself to sleep at night, muttering "stupid Pipit..." Also you have the choose to deliver the love letter to a ghost hand in the bathroom that "needs paper" if done the ghost will haunt Cawlin at night telling you the letter was so romantic she thinks Cawlin is her true love. At day he will be on his bed complaining of bad dreams while at night the ghost hand will be hovering over him while he scream/whines in his sleep.

Side Quests

Cawlin's Letter - Link can decide to help Cawlin with his crush and deliver his letter of confession to Karane, or choose to give it to the bathroom ghost hand.