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Bronzi (brother)
Silva (brother)


Plats is a Mogma found in Skyward Sword. He is larger and greedier than most Mogmas and is a top treasure hunter. He is first found in the Fire Sanctuary in an underground tunnel. He initially believes that Link is a monster and runs away from him while attempting to block his path.[1] Once Link traps Plats and catches up to him, he sees that Link has his brother's Mogma Mitts and realizes that Link isn't a monster; he then gives him a Piece of Heart to make up for it.[2][3]

He later appears in Eldin Volcano during the Song of the Hero quest, after Link is captured by Bokoblins. Plats obtains Link's Mogma Mitts from the Bokoblins and returns them to him, so he can escape his prison. He also updates Link's map with the equipment that was stolen from him.[4][5]


As many Mogmas' names are derived from minerals, it is likely that Plats comes from the element platinum.


  1. "Aghhh! A green monster! Ack... I can't believe they're following us down here now... Guess I can have some fun with him for now, though... Heh, heh, heh! You're on Mogma turf now, fiend! You may be scary, but as long as the way ahead of me is clear, you'll never catch me!" — Plats, Skyward Sword.
  2. "Noooooooo... You got me! Go on, then, you monster! Boil me, bake me... Do your worst! ... Huh? I know those gloves... Ain't those from my brother's secret collection?
    He gave me 'em. :That's right." — Plats, Skyward Sword.
  3. "What?! You know my brother?! Awww, you're all green. I thought you were a monster! Hey, don't get all angry! I thought you were one of them. Sorry, guy! Lemme give ya something good to make up for it. Hang on there a sec." — Plats, Skyward Sword.
  4. "Don't you gotta take care of your own business first? Haven't ya noticed? They swiped all your stuff! While you were out, they shook you down good, pal! You're gonna want to get your stuff back before ya go and try anything else. I can get you started. I stole these back for ya..." — Plats, Skyward Sword.
  5. "I feel just terrible for you, pal... Here, let me do one more thing for ya! Ol' Plats here's gonna show ya what's in all the treasure chests! ...Ta-dahh!" — Plats, Skyward Sword.