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His name is Gorko, an archaeologist of
the Gorons. He travels the land
researching its history.

Gorko is a Goron who appears in Skyward Sword. He is a archaeologist fascinated with Skyloft and the ruins left in the absence of the Hylians. He learned of them from ancient texts he found, which are highly inaccurate, but still have some useful information in them. When he meets Link, he is constantly amazed by his magical sword swipes and his ability to activate ancient devices. He carries a Triforce symbol with him, although it is rarely seen in this game. He sometimes aids Link on his journey.

Link first meets him outside the Sealed Temple in the Faron Province. He is being attacked by a crowd of Bokoblins. He describes the Bird Statues to Link, as well as his own version of Skyloft, which he calls the Isle of the Goddess. After that, Link meets Gorko in the Deep Woods, where he helps Link discover how to use Goddess Cubes. He also later explains Goddess Walls and Gossip Stones. When Link reaches the Temple of Time in the Lanayru Province, Gorko visits there in search of more information. Golo is his assistant. Gorko is seen one final time prior to the entrance of the Fire Sanctuary. He is unable to enter due to pillars of fire; Link solves this problem by extinguishing the fire with water.

Piece of Heart

If Link shows Gorko how to draw something on a Goddess Wall near the Sealed Grounds, Gorko awards Link with a Piece of Heart.



  • On Gorko's belt, there is a notebook with a small drawing of the Triforce on it.