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Mia is Gaepora's pet Remlit in Skyward Sword.

Skyward Sword

One of the first side-quests Link can do involves retrieving her from atop the Knight Academy's roof. If he hits Mia with his sword, she will ball up and allows Link to pick her up and carry her around. He can even throw the pet Remlit off the edge of Skyloft. Also, during the night, Mia and the other pet Remlits around Skyloft will turn demonic. When Link approaches one of the cats, they will frill up their tails and hiss, also attempting to attack him, actually dealing damage.

Horwell, one of the Knight Academy's instructors, takes care of Mia in his room, claiming that the whole situation is bad because now he really wants to get a pet of his own. At this time, Mia will act cute and playful around her food bowl. Mia has very large ears and is striped from head to toe in white and brown stripes.