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Model from Skyward Sword


Practice Sword - 2 hits



Remlits are small, cat-like creatures found around Skyloft in Skyward Sword. They are typically seen as pets, and have large ears that can act like wings if needed to. During the day, these animals are friendly and innocent, until nightfall strikes in which they become enraged and try to attack Link.[1][2][3] It is said that many creatures, such as the Remlit, become possessed by evil forces during the night.[4]

During the day, Remlits will playfully follow Link around, and during the night, they will aggressively chase after Link and attack him. Link can pick up any Remlit and toss them off the edge of Skyloft. The Remlit will then use its wing-like ears to fly back to the surface of the floating island where it was originally found. Remlits are also impossible to kill. Link may attack them, however, they will run away and cower in fear if he does. If Link waits too long or gets too far, they will resume their normal behavior.

After Link succeeds in collecting enough Gratitude Crystals and transforming Batreaux into a human, there will be no more enemies at night in Skyloft. As such, Remlits will no longer transform into monsters.[5]

Notable Remlits



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