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Parrow (Brother)


This is Orielle, a down-to-earth young
woman. She has significant experience
dealing with Loftwings, even for a
resident of Skyloft.
She shares her enthusiasm for birds
with her older brother, Parrow.

Orielle is a kind young woman who lives on Skyloft in Skyward Sword. She has a fascination with Loftwings, and often gives Link tips on how to train and maintain his own Loftwing. Her brother is Parrow, a well built man who can tend to be protective of his sister. Both characters are involved in the same side-quest.

Orielle left Skyloft to catch a glance at Fun Fun Island for the first time, however, her Loftwing was injured on the ride over there so she could not progress. Parrow begins to worry about her, and sends Link to search for her. When he gives Parrow the news about her Loftwing, he hands Link Mushroom Spores to cure the bird's injuries. Afterwards, Orielle's Loftwing will heal and Link will be rewarded with 10 Gratitude Crystals; 5 from Parrow, and 5 from Orielle.