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This is Batreaux, a kindhearted
demon. Though he is menacing in
appearance, he displays only extremely
friendly behavior toward humans.

Batreaux is a character in Skyward Sword. He plays a large role in side questing.

Appearance and Personality

A large demon with huge wings, Batreaux is really a kindhearted soul. He longs to become a human so that he can communicate with others.

Role in the Plot

Link first meets Batreaux when investigating the kidnapping of a little girl, Kukiel. When Link finds Batreaux, he initially thinks the demon is the kidnapper, but Batreaux explains his story and he tells Link that he and the girl are just friends, playing "who can scream the loudest". He explains how he wants to be come human so he can fit in without being a hideous monster and the only way for him to become human is for Link to gather all 80 Gratitude Crystals. Every time Link collects a certain amount of Gratitude Crystals and shows them to Batreax he rewards Link with prizes, including most of the wallets.

Side Quest

Becoming Human - Batreaux's deepest wish is to become human. Link must collect all 80 Gratitude Crystals in order to help. If Link completes his side quest, Batreaux can be found in the Bazaar for the rest of the game.


His name is Batreaux, and he is a kind-
hearted person. All the Gratitude
that you collected helped
him turn from a demon into a human.
But he still has an innocent heart,
which endears him to children.